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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Violet Frizz

Predictably, the title of this post is derived from the name of a Japanese alcoholic beverage: Violet Fizz... yummy!

Those of you who know me will probably concur that I am something of an extremist (aka anal retentive)... my hair, apparently, is no exception. Growing sick of my increasingly
platinum/yellow locks with ever-lengthening roots, I concluded it was time for a change... my solution: PURPLE!

Okay, admittedly this was a horrible accident. The problem is that Japanese people don't need to dye light hair dark, they all unsuccessfully attempt to dye their dark hair light, and as such (combined with my inability to comprehend Japanese packaging) the dye I bought had just a smidgen too much PURPLE in it. At least I can now boast that I've sported every imaginable colour on my head.

And now, what was once white-blonde, is now jet black. I had to buy the old-people dye meant for gray coverage; thankfully a bit of the red tones leftover from the purple disaster show through so it's not all bad. Have to adjust my wardrobe and makeup techniques a bit, and it'll take some getting used to, but I think I can live with it...

Oh, the girls and I thought, in our drunken stooper, that we looked just like the Charlie's Angels, what with our multi-coloured locks, and as such had to take a series of photos to prove it.


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