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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Changes and updates

Phew! That was a long year. Today is Day One of summer holidays.

I feel relieved
and calmed by this thought. I'm sure it will go by too quickly - it always does - and this is sure to be helped by the 3 inches of marking I've had to bring home and the two schemes of work I have to complete, not to mention administrative stuff like filing, organising and copying. Who says teachers get loads of holidays? I bet your holidays aren't plagued with work!

Anyhow, that whined about, I am feeling like some jobs are finally coming to an end. We completed our downstairs loo renovation! It only took about 4 months, but it's done. Some of you may remember the diabolical state the loo was in when we bought the house. It was literally an outhouse. We pretty much boarded it up for two years, rather than deal with it. But now it's bright and shiny and useable! Have a look...

The renos around the Weber household are all generally in wind-down. We have a few minor odds and ends to finish up, but the end is finally in sight. (Which is not to say I won't come up with new projects!) Riccardo whinged about my slave
-driving tendacies an aweful lot, but he is oh-so-proud now to see the fruits of our labour. Ah, there's the pay-off.
I'm still baking away at our baby. Things are all going really well now. I'm 19 weeks today, so 5 months. The morning sickness is over (though brushing my teeth is still a trial, what with the gagging), but I'm still not really showing (you know, I'm not the slimmest, which makes things easy to hide! ;)) No kicks or punches yet or sore back, so I'm still sleeping well. No complaints. Just happy, happy. Little Grape is about the size of a large mango, by the way.

Tomorrow Riccardo and I are off for our 2nd anniversary trip to the French Riviera for 10 days. Very excited to sit by our private pool and relax, to tour around Carcasonne, to swim in the Med. Updates, of course, upon our return.

We're having the house appraised with an eye to sell. We've found a house we both love in a fabulous neighbourhood. It's a long shot, being that our house isn't yet on the market, let alone sold, but if it's meant to be it's meant to be, right? So far valuation has told me exactly what I predicted about the current value of our house... unfortunately the costs involved are considerably more than antipicated. And since the whole economic downturn, banks have reverted to allowing only 90% mortgages, which means that in addition to fees, we need a hefty deposit. No wonder the market is still stagnant!

Cross your fingers for us! And let us know what's going on with you! xx


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