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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Read All About It

The last few weeks have been crazy, but thankfully I'm enjoying a little bit of a breather now that I'm on my mid-term break. A week off to catch-up, is what it boils down to.

The weekend we spent in Canada was not as exhausting as I thought, though I had prepared myself for the worst. We tried to keep things pretty low-key and not be gongshowed the whole time. Best of all, the weddings we attended were enchanting and lovely. I still can't believe my little sister is MARRIED.

So as Rebecca and Mike headed to the Caribbean, and Ashely and Neil to Hawaii, Riccardo and I jumped back over the pond and haven't stopped running since. He's been in Brazil since our return, which he thoroughly enjoyed, despite the sunburn, and left for Japan this morning. I have continued to battle horrid teenagers (and some decent ones) at work, and have, perhaps, seen some positive progress.

We have both been extremely busy with negotiations for the house we are trying to buy in Birmingham; we're told that things are progressing well, and we'll be coming to completion within the next few weeks. The system is rather ridiculous here, as there is no certainty until the very last minute; so besides not having had time to pack thus far, we really won't know if packing is necessary until the house is legally, and financially, ours. Everyone is still aiming for mid-November though.

And what will I do with my week's holiday: marking, making slideshows and preparing lessons, applying for university (for on-the-job teaching certification), attending meetings with our estate agent and our lawyer, cleaning up this disaster of a house and, hopefully, packing.

At least the blog updates from the last month are finished...


Went to London to Visit the Queen...

...though we just couldn't fit her into our busy agenda!

Certainly NOT the result of months of inane whining on my part, Riccardo finally submitted to joining me in a weekend in London. It turned out, for both of us, to be a fantastic decision!!

Of course now I am completely enamoured with the city, and can't wait to go again! The history, the poshness, the spirit of the city were almost overwhelming. As Riccardo noted several times, I was pretty much unable to wipe the smile off my face for the duration of the weekend (well, except when we checked into our fleabag hotel, and then the smile turned into a grimace of horror/disbelief - $125 for that!?!)

My favourite part of the weekend was definitely the guided tour we had of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, a fabulous recreation of the original in which I can't wait to partake in at least one viewing next summer. This experience, however, was closely rivalled by our inadvertent evening at Piccadilly Circus. On the Saturday night we were in search of meat & mead, and ended up taking the Underground into mayhem: England was up against South Africa in the final game of the World Rugby whateveritis, and the streets were packed. Bars had standing-room only, and overflowed out the doors; people were singing choruses in the street; it was insane! We stumbled upon London's quaint Chinatown and ended up having a fabulous (and predictably expensive) meal of sushi and Korean BBQ, which we topped off with several imported ales. It was all so great!

Exhausted, sore and completely delighted, we trained home on Sunday evening and basically fell into our beds. It was arduous, but I so cannot wait to go back!!


Whirlwind Weddings

What better reason to jet off to Canada for a weekend than for the weddings of my little sister, AND my good friend!

That's what Riccardo and I did over Thanksgiving weekend last month; a trip that was spent more en-route than in town, but well worth it!

I was so great to see everyone! oxox



Some people have been complaining that my blog was inaccessible of late. I think I solved this problem: when Riccardo and I linked up our wedding blog we tried to make access by invitation only. I think changing the accessibility of that blog interferred with the accessibility of this one as well. Anyhow, they have now both been opened up to the general public and should no longer be glitchy. Thanks for the head's-up!


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