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Friday, December 19, 2008

What I Should Be Doing

Tomorrow we leave for Tanzania - OMG!!!

First though, as a side: I was logging into blogger just now and had a funny thought. My blog account is on my old email address and I thought to myself, I better change that, since I don't use that address anymore, I might forget it sometime and not be able to log in to my blog. Um, yeah... That thought was immediately rebuked with the realisation that I probably will NOT forget my maiden name. Who knows though; I wouldn't put it past me.

Anyhow, I'm very excited about our honeymoon (obviously) but so not motivated to clean the house, pack, finish up Uni stuff, do 6 loads of laundry, etc. etc. etc. Really, I just want to lay on the sofa all day. I'm wrecked. Ahhh... holiday.

I think, secretly, I'm procrastinating the packing for fear that I will be able to fit just one set of clothes in the little duffle-bags we have to use. (We can't use hard suitcases because they won't fit in our safari jeep. :( ) Oh the stress. Poor me, poor me.

Well, since I probably won't think up another excuse to blog before we depart, I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and joyous new year! Much love and hugs your way, from Riccardo and me both.



Monday, December 08, 2008


I've always been a good speller. I don't think I've ever achieved less than 100% on a spelling quiz; I see a word, I know it.

Suddenly though, I realized my spelling has deteriorated. So weird. I honestly can't say what the problem is, but I theorize that it could be the result of number of issues:
  1. Perhaps I'm over-doing it with the multi-tasking, thus something as simple as spelling is falling victim to oversight because my attentions are elsewhere.
  2. In psychological (memory) terms, perhaps it's a case of displacement whereby new information (like all the grammar rules I'm force-feeding myself by the gallon) is pushing out the old... of course, this should only apply to short term memory.
  3. It could be that I've become disoriented by British English. The spellings are all wrong here. It's like a mix between Canadian English and American English, with some new conundrums of its own thrown in for good measure. I hadn't thought the new rules were particularly difficult, but I do believe that the changeover has resulted in some of the old rules slipping away, even when completely unrelated.
  4. Partially, I think I'm beginning to adopt the British accent in my thinking (not in my speech, thank god - and no one better say otherwise!) which has resulted in my spellings reflecting the multitude of syllables that Brits leave out of speech.
  5. Laziness?

So to recap, it's veteran, not vetran; embarrassed, not embarassed and practice, not practise. Geez louise, I'm supposed to be an English teacher?


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not in Germs

Riccardo and I were hoping to meet up this weekend with our sis and bro, Sylvie and Michi, in Germany for a little pre-Christmas family time. Unfortunately with the extra money we had to squeeze together for the honeymoon, and the expense of flights at this time of year, we just really couldn't swing it. As it happens, Sylvie and Michele's flights were booked with Alitalia, which just went bankrupt, so it looks like they might not get there either. Poor guys. We still intend to have a conference-call Christmas celebration this Saturday, with Mamma, Pappa and the sibs.

Tomorrow is a catch-up day for Uni. This means we don't actually have to go. YAY. What sucks is, at this chaotic time in my life, I find myself taking the mature, responsible decision to get up at 6:30 anyway, so that I can sift through the huge list of things I need to get done! What I really want to do is sleep all day.

Riccardo and I went for our final vaccinations on Monday. Not that fun. We got the Yellow Fever vacc. back in Canada over summer, because it was half the price of getting it here. I updated my typhoid, meningitis and hep. for just 30 pounds, or $60. What will really bite is the malaria tablets we have to buy: the pills are over 3 pounds each, and we need 29 per person!

Plans for February? Riccardo just found out that a fourth tech day he's planned has been cancelled. His company is being severely hit by the recession. On the plus side, this means he will be in the country for my half-term break in February, when we are planning to RENOVATE. Finally. Care to help, anyone? ;D

The interest rate here is down to 2% today. The lowest ever. I wish our mortgage was up for renewal.

That's all the news.
Love yas.


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