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Friday, July 03, 2009

Livid with Warwick GTP... Again

Just when you thought all my ranting and raving was overwith... mwah-haha! Received my MA module for Uni back this week. It's taken me two days just to get my head straight enough to whinge in a public forum. So angry.

Basically I failed it. At Masters level anyway. I'm under the impression it's still a pass at GTP/Honours level, which means I still qualify for my teaching certificate, but I am nonetheless outraged.

Against my better judgement (stemming from my complete lack of confidence in my intelligence at this point), I have posted my paper with the marker's comments for you to peruse, if you choose. I've also posted the assignment brief, because it is a major point of contention. (Note: most of the formatting was lost in the copy-and-paste from Word.) See, the comments made by the assessor leave me wondering what assignment she was marking. According to the brief I received, I believe I adhered to the task. She demonises my work on all front for lack of a focus on a particular research question. Can anyone point out where it says in the assignment brief that this was a requirement?

What's more, I had an MA tutorial back in April with my MA tutor (who, by the way, also happened to be the GTP coordinator and the Dean of the School of Education at Warwick Uni) who ill-advised me on a couple of major issues. Because I was concerned that my topic was too new to have acquired a repertoire of acclaimed literary criticism, I asked him he thought this aspect of my paper would be sufficient (I even presented my semi-complete paper for him to look at). He assured me it would; he said it was an interesting and relevant issue (because APP, my topic, is an up-and-coming overhaul to the curriculum and current teaching practice in years 7 through 9) and that if I relied heavily on Ofsted and DSEF (governmental) publications and 'researched around' my topic, it would be more than sufficient. Apparently not true.

More importantly, when he noticed that my paper wasn't geared toward the answering of a research question I asked him several times if that was a problem. I even went so far as to say, if it was required, I would choose a new topic and start from scratch rather than limit my chances at a decent mark. He assured me that I didn't need to centre on a question and that, quote: my paper would 'take an alternate form, which is fine'. Also not true.

The woman who marked it is notorious for being a harsh marker. But I've been assured that the paper was marked by a second person for moderation, though there is no second signature or date in the required field on the comments form. I do have the option to re-submit it, but considering that needs to happen by Aug. 7th and would require me to change my topic entirely, which would entail conducting a whole new series of research in the classroom which is simply not possible this close to year-end, that can't really happen.

I am absolutely pissed that I am being screwed over by this university AGAIN. I definitely would not ever recommend Warwick's GTP programme to anyone. It is disorganised, unprofessional and simply unfair. I was actually considering paying thousands of pounds to complete my Masters, but in light of current events, I will be looking into what Birmingham Uni has to offer instead.


    • At 11:39 PM, Blogger Jody (White) and Juan Leon said…

      I am so sorry about your paper. That totally sucks. I feel ya on the adviser issue. My adviser is kind of a wanker too.

      But the Birmingham program I am in is great. I have freedom withing boundaries. I choose my paper topics from a list of predetermined topics. The only one I must do completely on my own is the major last big one. Keep your chin up girl!!!

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