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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am a mountain, you are the sea...

I'm pretty sure the writers of Biffy Clyro's (awesome band!) hit, Many of Horror, did not intend these lyrics to be taken literally; however, it is true: I am a mountain. And just like a mountain, I grow a little every day.

I love my bump. I love dressing it up in the new maternity clothes I got to buy for it. I love having a rub now and again (okay, it's really more constant than that). I love feeling Grape have a wiggle or a jab, and because I'm obviously going to be that sort of mom, giving a little jab back.

At this stage, pregnancy is pretty cool. There are currently no new negative symptoms, and I'm somewhat used to the old, on-going ones. Though I get tired easily, and have plenty of aches and pains, the extra attention and getting treated like a princess definitely make up for it (Thanks, honey!)

And right now I'm looking forward to two really cool things: the first, of course, is Grape's official debut in around 2 months. The second is maternity leave... just 5 more get-ups and 20 more lessons to go!

What's actually been going on then, besides the heightening of Mount Grape? Well, I placed my order for the baby furniture. We'd bought some in a local baby-store chain, but then decided it was too expensive and cancelled the order; this new set we found online and is virtually the same for 300 quid less. My parents-in-law are coming over for 10 days in November to help us paint the nursery and put the furniture together. The bedding has arrived, too, so after their visit we'll be ready to rock. ha.

As Riccardo has to be in Germany for work at the end of November, beginning of December, my lovely friend Ashley has agreed to come over from Canada to babysit (er, entertain?) me in his absence. This is also a safety precaution in case I go into labour! - hope not! I am sooooo excited for her visit, and hope I am up for all the bits and bobs I'm already planning.

Riccardo and I are attending baby courses at our hospital. They are excellent - probably because we're so uneducated in this whole thing. Last time we got a tour of the delivery ward and the birthing centre. I will likely have to have the baby in the delivery ward (the hospital part) rather than the birthing centre because of my thyroid condition. This is crap: the delivery ward is old, stuff, stinky, impersonal and lacking in privacy. Conversely, the birthing centre (which is midwife-lead) is like a bloody hotel. Grrrr. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can start out in the birthing centre, since my pregnancy has gone to smoothly. I mean, it's only down the corridor from the delivery ward if there were any issues. Which there won't be. Definitely not.

The pictures are me at 26 and 30 weeks, respectively. I'm now 31 weeks. Yay!


    • At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Danica said…

      You look as cute as can be. You should definitely push the birthing centre issue. I'm sure you can get your way if you make enough fuss. It sounds so much better, and you'll be in good hands with a trained midwife.

    • At 4:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      WOW! You look wonderful and you are glowing! I am so very happy for you and Riccardo. I am glad that everything is going two will be the best parents to the little grape;-) Miss you and love you


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