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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Naughty Baby Weber

Yesterday we had our 20 week scan. What fun! The scan took nearly half an hour though... and why? Because little Grape Weber was being a naughty baby! First, baby wouldn't sit still: twisting, turning and being generally difficult. I felt bad for the sonographer who had to fill a list of about 25 sights and had trouble finding ONE! Then, once baby tired itself out, it proceeded to curl up into a tight ball, legs firmly together and prevent all views. The sonographer, who at this point was trying to view baby's organ development, couldn't see a thing because baby's spine was throwing a shadow over all its insides! Of course, this doesn't account for the hilarity that ensued when we tried to figure out if baby is a boy or a girl! No dice. I guess it's meant to be a surprise... at least for another 7 weeks until our next scan!

In other news, Riccardo and I have decided to put a hold on selling our house. The market still hasn't recovered completely here, which means that we'd likely have to sell at a loss, considering the money we've put into updates and renovations over the last 2.5 years, at least that's the forecast received through 4 different appraisals. Besides our crackhead neighbour, it's not immediately necessary that we move anyway, so we'll just see how things look again next year. Admittedly, I am disappointed about passing on the fabulous house we found, but banks aren't making things any easier by requiring huge deposits and marking up the Bank of England interest rate by about 6.5%. They're happy to approve us for a mortgage that's double what we need, but require a downpayment of tens of thousands of pounds. Not realistic for first time buyers or up-graders. No wonder the market is still at a halt. Money grubbers. Anyway, I think 6 or 8 months in this house, with baby and all his/her baby things will drive us crazy enough to relight the fire under our *behinds*.

Summer holidays are going by waaay too quickly. I still have a long list of work to do - household stuff and job stuff! Just 2 weeks left! Wish me luck!


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