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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

34 Weeks

Okay, new preggers pics at 34 weeks. Apologies for the horrible hair, again - we always seem to take these as we're running out the door!

Riccardo, who refuses to believe that Baby could be a girl, insisted on taking the back shot. Apparently if a woman carries wholly in front, it's a boy; if she carries all round the middle (thus, you can tell she's pregnant from behind), it's a girl. He says Baby's all up front.

Just over 5 weeks to go: what do you think?


    • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Danica said…

      Well, you certainly don't look pregnant from the back, but I don't necessarily believe that means anything. Look at that beautiful belly! Almost there....

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not Sleeping

About six weeks to go until Baby arrives! Overall, I feel remarkably good. I mean, there's still that pelvic thing, but I expected an 8-months-preggers belly to be more uncomfortable. Sleep, however, is becoming an issue. It doesn't come. It's currently 1:30 am.

I've got all the pillows. Riccardo has a vendetta against one such pillow; the culprit, Mr Cuddles, takes up most of the bed. Riccardo sometimes talks in his sleep. One night, he woke me up saying, 'You tell that Mr Cuddles if he comes over here, I'm gonna kick his ass!' At which point, I started giggling uncontrollably and informed my sleeping husband that Mr Cuddles was indeed a pillow, and as such, doesn't have an ass! We had a good chuckle over that one when I reminded him of the altercation in the morning.

Anyhow, Mr Cuddles or no Mr Cuddles, sleeping is not happening. Might be because I'm up 8 times per night to pee; might be that I can't get comfortable; might be that I don't do enough during the day to tire myself out; might be that I just can't turn off. Whatever it is, it keeps me up. Guess I'm getting prepared for the sleepless nights to come once Baby is here.

Speaking of Baby: we had another ultrasound scan on Thursday. Baby is BIG: already weighing in around 5 lbs, 4 oz! That's what it should be around 35 weeks, not 32.5! Yikers! No, Mom, it's not just a chubby baby; that weight is based on head-circumpherence, too. And yes, I've been checked for gestational diabetes! Plus, I'm still 10 lbs UNDER my pre-preggers weight, even with Baby on board! We're now hoping more than ever that Baby arrives a little bit early!

In other news: Riccardo's 2-week trip to India is cancelled. Yay! I can't get over how relieved I am about this. Also, I have a new Blackberry, which I'm loving. Such fun, despite having to endure more horrible British customer service to get it. We were meant to have a Hallowe'en party again this year, but Riccardo came home from Brussels super ill, so we cancelled it. This turned out to be a good thing because I hadn't had time to sort out our costumes! Riki and carved pumpkins anyway - Riccardo's is the traditional Jack O'Lantern, but can you guess what mine is? Finally, the in-laws arrive this Friday! Very excited!



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