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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chef Jody

Quick thanks to Jody for a fantastic little dinner party tonight!!
Jody filled Tressa's and my tummies with some terrific Japanese fare: miso soup with daikon, arrow(???) root, potatoes, onions and carrots; japanese rice topped with seasoned grilled chicken; cucumber & cherry tomato salad tossed in the best only-in-Japan seasame dressing; and, raw tofu slabs topped with fresh green onion and sukoshi (just a little) soya sauce. Mmmmmm...
My first experience with raw tofu: yummy! Taste is authentically Japanese; texture is like cheesecake - and who can beat that?! I definitely recommend it!! I'm turning into a tofu-and-soy-bean-aholic! Ahhhhhh! ;)


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