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Monday, November 28, 2005

A Chupa Chup Affair

After 10 years of dating, last night, Sunday, November 27th, Mie and Hidenori finally tied the knot.

A very Western wedding, their special day started with a romantic candlelit ceremony. Mie wore a flowing white gown with train and veil, and Hidenori a dashing tux. Mie read a speech for her parents which brought tears to the eyes of many guests. They both wear wedding bands which is atypical for Japanese couples.

The ceremony was followed by a lavish reception in an elegant wedding hall. Approximately 110 people were in attendance (excluding myself and Tressa, who were invited only to the afterparty). Mie wore an orange-creamsicle coloured ballgown and looked magnificent. At the reception a meal was served and more speeches were made.

At about 8:30pm Tressa and I showed up at Zucca, a quaint Italian restaurant that had been rented for the Second Party. The bride and groom were 1.5 hours late for this event!! Who knows what they were up to! ;)

About 40 people attended the Second Party where an enormous buffet of Western delicacies was served. The food, and unlimited alcohol, was free. Mie and Hidenori had selected special music for the party, much of which was Western. Games such as BINGO were enjoyed by all; Tressa won a paper shredder (woot!).

Mie had changed into a dark-teal cocktail dress that was rather eighties in style, but spectacular. Hidenori wore a suit. After the cake-cutting Mie made Tressa and I get pictures taken with her beside the cake... she served me (insert: forced me to eat) some cake right off the knife, like a groom should do! How embarrassing!

Seemingly a traditional party favour for Japanese weddings, chupa chups were given to all guests at the Second Party... weird. These lollies made an appearance at Yoko & Makoto's wedding too!

Overall it was a spectacular time. We were very lucky to have been invited to help Mie and Hidenori celebrate their wedding! CONGRATULATIONS!!


    • At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      This is all true....Japanese weddings entail a galore of Chupa Chups and many different gowns. Im pretty happy with my paper shredder although I have nothing to shred..hmmm... maybe i should shred that shirt i wore to the wedding since it makes me look skoshi humongous! haha.thank you mie and hidenori, you are such wonderful people and i am happy to have met you!

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